Admissions open for 2024-25 for Daycare, Pre-Nursery - Grade 10.


Today teaching young learners has become increasingly challenging and competitive! Rest assured that Clone Educational Institute will robustly prepare you for the ever-changing demands of the teaching profession.

Our nursery teachers training courseware designed by our experienced and adept curriculum planners elucidates effectively on varied theoretical and practical aspects like child psychology, principles of child education and management, working with children, curriculum planning, lesson planning etc.

On completion of the nursery teachers’ training course, you will be able to imbibe essential teaching intensive skills and acumen. This will place you a notch higher than your contemporaries. Unlike trainees trained in mediocre institutes focusing on mere teaching skills, our trainees get opportunity to master wide-ranging skills and aptitude to bring about holistic development in children. We believe in producing ‘teachers of substance’ by undertaking a comprehensive development of their personality and readying them for better prospects.

N.T.T 1st YEAR


1. Child Psychology & Child Development
2. History & Philosophy Of Pre-Primary/Nursery Education
3. Pre-School Organization And Child Care & Health
4. Principle Of Education
5. Elementary Educational Psychology
6. Method & Material Of Nursery Education


1. Lesson Plan / Micro Plan & Teachingt
2. Creative Art & Craft Work
3. Art File & Other File
4. Preparation Of Teaching Aids
5. Viva & Internal Assessment

N.T.T 2nd YEAR


1. Advanced Education Psychology
2. Working With Parents & Community
3. Education Technology
4. Teacher Education
5. Computer Education
6. Programme Planning


1. Lesson Plan & Teaching
2. Case Study & Project Work
3. Art File & Other File
4. Practical Activities (Indoor And Outdoor Games)
5. Viva & Internal Assessment

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